Sicily presents itself to the novice visitor as a magnificent Sicilian cassata.  

Thick layers of variegated consistency, rich and grainy filling, very sweet heart, luxuriant surface of fruits, refined ornaments and different shapes, products of industrious hands and conscious minds.   

Man in Sicily has left contradictory traces over the millennia. To discover this island, you may walk around its islets, volcanoes, hills, ravines, overhangs, flora and fauna, timeless alleys, decorated squares, abandoned farms, roofs above the roofs, a moon greater of the sun, the reflection of the waves, the desire and the fear, the ancestral and the primordial, the Romanesque and the Baroque, the Saracen and the Senegalese, the temples and the cathedrals, sarde al beccafico and sesame crunchy (croccante di sesamo), capers of Salina and almond Pizzuta of Avola, the steaming chimney and the fireflies in the evening.

Consider it a hook to surprise a path to find something else.  Have a good trip!